Want to Bring Down the Risks of Shoulder Injuries? Read this

Shoulder injury risks can be significantly brought down by following some simple safety tips and preventive strategies. We have elaborated on some of these in this blog, with the help of the shoulder specialist in Pune.

The term shoulder injury is used to define any damage or trauma to the shoulder joint and surrounding structures, which include the ligaments, tendons, muscles, bones and bursae. Such injuries can vary from mild strains to severe tears and even complex fractures. In some cases, the damage can be progressive, leading to the gradual worsening of the symptoms. Shoulder injuries are a result of a sudden impact on the shoulder joint. Timely medical intervention can help to reduce the impact of the injury and prevent further damage. Fortunately, shoulder injuries are preventable in the majority of the cases. Here are a few tips that might prove to be beneficial for you.

Warm-up Before Indulging in any Rigorous Activity or Sport  

Lack of proper warm-up is one of the leading causes of shoulder injuries in athletes and sportspersons. Make it a habit to warm up and stretch your shoulder muscles as this will help them prepare for handling the strain and pressure. 

Right Techniques

Following the correct technique is important, whether you are indulging in normal day-to-day chorus or indulging in some rigorous sports & activities. This helps to ensure that your shoulders are not subjected to unnecessary strain and pressure by helping you maintain the right alignment. 

Give your Shoulders Some Rest

Our body needs time to recover from daily wear and tear and relieve any strain. For this, it is important to prioritize your sleep and take a rest between sets while working out. Make sure you do not train your shoulders on consecutive days and keep a gap of at least 3 days in between. This will help to bring down shoulder injury risks. 

Avoid Overhead Work

This happens to be the leading cause of shoulder injuries. In fact, experts specializing in shoulder injury treatments suggest that people indulging in jobs that require overhead movement are 2 to 3 times more likely to sustain such injuries. Hence, you should be very cautious while lifting heavy objects overhead. It is better to ask for help than to do it all by yourself.

The optimal functioning of our shoulder is crucial for maintaining a good quality of life. By adhering to small preventive measures and educating ourselves, we can significantly alleviate shoulder injury risks. To know more about shoulder injuries, their prevention, and all the advanced treatment options available, consult the best orthopedic surgeon

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